SSA 2017 – General Information


This event will train youth in Sea Scout skills, with an emphasis on those required for advancement.  It will also provide fellowship, recreation, and fun for Scouts.


The fee for all participants is $35.  Included are breakfast, lunch, dinner Saturday, breakfast Sunday, and sleeping accommodations in the dormitories at Camp Fiesta Island.

Register for the event on Doubleknot:

Sign up for classes on the San Diego-Imperial Council web site:

Meet at the San Diego Youth Aquatic Center, 1750 Fiesta Island Rd, San Diego, CA 92109

Bring your CURRENT BSA Medical Form, Parts A and B.  Bring your signed Activity Consent form:

You must notify the staff at least one week in advance of special medical or dietary considerations, medications, requests to check in or out at times outside those stated, or other things that might require special attention on the part of the staff.



Worn or packed in ONE medium large bag, lined with a large trash bag:

  • Attitude consistent with the Scout Oath and Law
  • Signed Activity Consent Form
  • BSA Medical Form, parts A & B
  • This Boarding Manual, Sea Scout Manual, notebook and paper
  • Your unit’s work or activity uniform
  • Comfortable active clothing suitable for the weather and activities
  • Woolies, foulies, fully enclosed deck shoes
  • Sun hat, sunscreen, swimsuit, towel, water bottle
  • cup, plate, bowl, cutlery (plastic preferred)
  • bedroll, toiletries
  • Optional: navigation tools, compass, books, board games, playing cards

DO NOT BRING (zero tolerance): alcohol; tobacco; ANY drugs, including over the counter drugs, unless registered ahead of time with staff; large or pointed knives; any weapon, explosive, incendiary or dangerous chemical or biohazard; obscene materials; anything else that COMMON SENSE would deem imprudent.  Use no electronic devices except as part of organized activities.


Instructors will prepare youth in the skills described by advancement requirements.  Only leaders designated by the Committee of the youth’s own unit can verify (“sign off”) advancement.  Youth will be on time for the start of classes, in modest comfortable attire appropriate for the weather and the activity at hand, with paper and pencils.  Individual sun protection is required.

If a Scout needs instruction for a requirement not offered, we will do our best to provide it.  Obviously, the more advance notice given for these requests, the greater the likelihood of a favorable outcome.


Adult leaders of their own units must accompany all youth.  Unit leadership is responsible to ensure that everyone in their units observe all BSA guidelines at all times.  Adults must help with staffing duties as and when requested.  Personnel will remain on the Aquatic Center premises for the entire time between check-in and checkout.


There are staff and youth dorm rooms, and male and female washing/toilet rooms.  No one may enter any dorm room or washing/toilet area except those assigned to him or her at any time.

Dorm rooms are available Friday night, to units traveling from out of town.  Units MUST make prior arrangements for Friday night stays.  There is no meal or program Friday night.



Participants must manage their time carefully Saturday morning.  Breakfast must be finished, including clearing and cleaning tables and floors, and check-in complete, between 07:00 and 07:55.  Additionally, during this time Scouts must find and introduce themselves to their Administrative Representatives, who will counsel them during the program.

Saturday colors will be at 07:55 SHARP.  Participants will attend colors in clothing suitable for the weather and their activities during the first class period.

Scouts must attend and actively participate in all classes they have planned.  Classes may finish early.  Scouts dismissed early from class must report immediately to their Administrative Representatives.

Be on time for lunch.  Be sure to eat lunch, clean up, and prepare for Group 3 class on time.

Clean up the dining area by 18:30.  There will be various fun and learning opportunities from 18:30 to 19:30.  This is also the time to review your progress during the day, and plan and arrange to conclude any unfinished business on Sunday morning.

There will be a movie from 19:30 until about 22:00.  Those who do not want to watch the movie should socialize or study quietly in the courtyard.

After the movie, use about 30 minutes to get ready for bed.  Taps and lights out are at 22:30.

Sunday reveille is at 06:00.

Scouts should arrive at Sunday breakfast at 07:00, in uniform (work or activity uniform is acceptable).  Bags will be packed and stacked, and Quarters thoroughly clean.

Scouts will clean up breakfast, and present for colors and devotion, at 07:45 Sunday.

When devotion concludes, at 08:30 Sunday, inspection of quarters will begin.  Staff will approve dorms and the kitchen, and post them off limits at 09:00.

On satisfactory inspection, units may check out whenever ready before noon.  From 09:00 until noon, Scouts may work on skills if they have arranged to do so, or they may participate in any of several organized fun activities.


San Diego Youth Aquatic Center, 1750 Fiesta Island Rd, San Diego, CA 92109



(CN – Course no., GN – group no., SN – Section no.)

CN GN SN Topic Advancement Location
1 1 1 Basic Rules of the Road Ordinary 9.a-d Sail bay
2 1 2 Basic Charting Ordinary 10.a, b, f Class Room
3 1 3 Marine Radios and Distress Calls Ordinary 5.e, f Lobby
4 1 4 Splicing Able 6.a Back Picnic Tables
5 1 5 Turk’s head and monkey’s fist Ornamental Ropework Front Picnic Tables
6 1 6 TBD As Needed Sea Camp Classroom
7 1 7 Execute Drill – Stationary Maritime Tradition Terrace
8 2 1 Rules of the Road (Lights and Sounds) Ordinary 9.e, f Sail bay
9 2 2 Fixes Able 10.c Class Room
10 2 3 Safety Afloat and Equipment Ordinary 5.a, b Lobby
11 2 4 Flat seam, round seam, and grommet eye Able 6.b Back Picnic Tables
12 2 5 Cockscombing, round braid, flat sennit braid, wall knot, and crown knot Ornamental Ropework Front Picnic Tables
13 2 6 TBD As Needed Sea Camp Classroom
14 2 7 Execute Drill – Moving Maritime Tradition Terrace
15 3 1 Time Ordinary 10.d-e Sail bay
16 3 2 Double the angle on the bow Able 10.d Class Room
17 3 3 Environment for Able Able 12.a-b Lobby
18 3 4 Anchoring (Required for the on the water anchoring) Ordinary 8.a-c, Able 8.a-c Back Picnic Tables
19 3 5 Fourstrand Turk’s head, coach whipping, cockscombing, Ornamental Ropework Front Picnic Tables
20 3 6 TBD As Needed Sea Camp Classroom
21 3 7 TBD As Needed Terrace
22 4 1 Publications Able 10.g Sail bay
23 4 2 Charts and Aids to Navigation Able 9.c-d Class Room
24 4 3 Weather Ordinary 13, Able 13 Lobby
25 4 4 Boatswain Call (Must have pipe) Maritime Tradition Back Picnic Tables
26 4 5 Eye splice in double-braided line Quartermaster 6.b Front Picnic Tables
27 4 6 TBD As Needed Sea Camp Classroom
28 4 7 Rowing or paddling Ordinary 7.b On the Water
29 5 1 Special Lights and Day Shapes Able 9.b Sail bay
30 5 2 Radar Able 10.f Class Room
31 5 3 Heavy Weather Quartermaster 5.a-b Lobby
32 5 4 Painting Able 11.d Back Picnic Tables
33 5 5 Ornamental Ropework (Continued) Ornamental Ropework Front Picnic Tables
34 5 6 TBD As Needed Sea Camp Classroom
35 5 7 Anchoring Ordinary 8.d On the Water
36 6 1 Blocks Able 6.a Sail bay
37 6 2 Double the angle on the bow Able 10.d Class Room
38 6 3 Quartermaster Project Planning Quartermaster 1.a Lobby
39 6 4 Fiberglass repair Vessel Maintenance Back Picnic Tables
40 6 5 Knots for Ordinary Ordinary 6.b Front Picnic Tables
41 6 6 TBD As Needed Sea Camp Classroom
42 6 7 Anchoring Ordinary 8.d On the Water


Rob Curry