Boatswain’s Goals

Boatswain Council

A meeting every other month where a youth representative from each ship, hopefully the boatswain, get together to discuss council events. This would promote unity among sea scouts in council and would provide a venue for sharing ideas. If all the youth were able to meet together it would eliminate some of the social barriers that are currently in place between the youth from different ships.

Create, maintain, and promote an SDIC Sea Scout Instagram page

Many youth use Instagram today as a form of communication and getting information, if we created an Instagram page for SDIC Sea Scouts than we could use it to promote events, share ideas and experiences, and advertise our program.

Boatswain Cruise

A cruise for all the boatswains in the council.  The purpose would be to further unite the ships of SDIC through shared experiences. It would provide interest in the office of boatswain and help to create more dedicated sea scout youth leaders. This could be something done semi-annually for each boatswain’s term, and could be continued on as a tradition in SDIC.

Visit and present Sea Scouts to individual troops/crews

One way to grow the Sea Scout community is to visit troops/crews and present our program to them, creating a connection between our two programs. Youth, especially those in Boy Scout troops, as they get older, start to look for something new. Sea Scouts is a program that provides exactly that. By recruiting other dedicated Sea Scouts we will promote and build the program for the benefit of all youth involved.

Promote Sea Scouts at University of scouting

University of Scouting is a great opportunity to promote the Sea Scout program to a wide variety of scouts, helping to expose them to the program. I myself was exposed to Sea scouts at university of Scouting when I was twelve.

 Visit all Sea Scout Ships in SDIC

In order to represent the youth of SDIC I will need to make contact with them. I can do this, establish connections with other ships, and increases their council participation by visiting them, telling them about council events and being there to receive input on what they would like to see done on the council level.