South Bay Family Sailing Series-October 15, 2022  Saturday,( 8.1 nm.)

Saturday October 15, 2022 was an excellent day for sailing ….., or????? Maybe not so good.  There was NO wind.  Pictures being texted around the fleet showing the San Diego South Bay to be a pond.  NO RIPPLES anywhere!!!!  The BAJA HA HA people were going to set off in a few weeks for Cabo?  It is not going to be a fast race south.

Dan with Marilee sent out an initial racecourse. He then found out the J-Boats were having a regatta in the San Diego South Bay.  He sent out a “new” racecourse so there would be no interference.

Six to eight, or nine boats were circling the starting line for the noon start.  More boats were present, but there were only 6 who finished the new racecourse.  The noon horn showed Aragorn and the Bass Boat crossing the starting line. At 12:04 Atsa II crossed the line.  Finally, at 12:08 Osprey, Marilee and Consigliere crossed the starting line and the race was on.

Other boats present at the start were Estate Sail, Miller Time III.  Estate Sail sailed north to practice their spinnaker sets, while Miller Time III completed the initial racecourse.

Consigliere finished at 14:21:07, Osprey 14:32:55, Bass Boat 14:41:10, Marilee 14:43:00, Aragorn 14:43:47, Atsa II 14:59:00


Putting all this information into computer we find the following:

Boat NameActual FinishCollins FinishPHRF
Bass Boat332
Atsa II666

Our next race:  November 19, 2022 Saturday

We hope to see you all there.

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