SDIC Sea Scouts Instagram Officially Up and Running!

Anyone interested in Sea Scouts in the San Diego-Imperial Council is encouraged to follow @SeaScoutsSDIC and to contribute to the posts of the account.

All Ship Boatswains and Skippers have been given access to a folder on Goggle Drive and requested to post pictures. If you are a Boatswain or Skipper and do not have access contact the Council Boatswain. In order to contribute a post the Boatswain or Skipper will add a picture, caption, and the date by filling in the chart already in each Ships Google Drive folder and sending an e-mail to the Council Boatswain for approval. Once approved it will be scheduled and posted on the SeaScoutsSDIC Instagram.

Help promote your Ship and SDIC Sea Scouting by contributing the @SeaScoutsSDIC

Contact the Council Boatswain or webmaster with any questions you might have.

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