Safety at Sea

Over 80 Scouts, 36 Sea Scout Adults, 17 U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary members and 12 members of the US Coast Guard from 16 different units (ships, Crews and Explorer Club) from five different councils gathered for the Fourth Safety at Sea held at U.S. Coast Guard Sector San Diego.

Safety at Sea training events have been held jointly by the Sea Scouts, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary for over a decade in California, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and other locations. 2016 will be the fourth time here is San Diego.

The purpose of this event is to provide Sea Scouts and their leaders with an opportunity to receive instruction and hands-on experience in a variety of boating safety skills and equipment that is generally unavailable. Activities included Pipe Patching, Knots, Heaving Line, Helo Tour, Swimmer Gear Tour, Boat Tours, Survival Suits, Hypothermia, Flares, Monkey Fist, First Aid/AED, JHOC Tour, and Mayday Calls.

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