Astra Rave – FEB 2021 – 3rd Place

South Bay Family Sailing Series-February 20, 2021 Saturday, (7.4 nm.)

Saturday February 20, 2021 was an excellent day to go sailing.  Everyone was surprised there was any wind as the previous 2 months there was so little.  The weather and wind app “Sail Flow” predicted the wind would be 9-10 knots from the west (270*).  Low tide was to be at 11:40 AM, so the tide would be ebbing during the whole race and helping us achieve the northern marks, however hindering us to the southern marks. The skies were blue and the wind was out of the SW at about 7-9 knots for the noon start.  By the end of the race the wind was from 243* and gusting to 15 knots.  Perfect for sailing in South San Diego Bay. Two other races were active in the South Bay.

There were13 boats circling the starting line for the noon start.  This was the largest group of boats in the 10 year history of the South Bay Family Sailing Series.  Dan from “Quack Attack” divided the boats into three groups instead of four to start the pursuit race.  Group 1 consisting of Mike, Pie in the Sky, Fast Sunday and Blewbyu crossed the starting line at 1200.  4 minutes after the noon start the second group Atsa II, Simplicity, and Sanctuary started.  The final group crossed the start/finish line at 8 minutes after the noon start; Estate Sail, Bon Temps, Marilee, Astra, Consigliere, and Ran.  Rounding the first mark showed Consigliere in the lead followed by Mike and Blewbyu.  The rest of the pack followed closely.  The larger boat slowly caught some of the smaller boats so across the finish line with Consigliere 13:34:30, Marilee and Ran tied at 13:37:55, Sanctuary 13:42:05, Astra 13:43:00, Blewbyu 13:44:59, Mike 13:45:04, Estate Sail 13:47:00, Bon Temps and Atsa II tied at  13:47:42, Simplicity 13:48:00, Fast Sunday 14:09:47, Pie in the Sky 14:12:38.

Putting all these numbers into the Mike Collins Handicap System we find the following:

Congratulations to Simplicity, Sanctuary and Astra and all participants!

Looking for the PHRF scores for the February 2021 race I used the android app “Race Calculator”.  The PHRF handicap system reveals the following:

  1. Consigliere
  2. Bass Boat
  3. Ran
  4. Mike
  5. Marilee
  6. Bon Temps
  7. Estate Sail
  8. Atsa II
  9. Astra
  10. Simplicity
  11. Sanctuary
  12. Fast Sunday
  13. Pie in the Sky

Thank you to all who participated

We look forward to our next race:

March 20, 2021 Saturday noon

See you there.  Bring a friend.

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