Astra Race – September – 1st Place

Here are the results of our September, 2016 race.  We hope you all had a good time sailing.  We hope more of you will come out next month for a fine race.  Where is “Summerwind”?, where is “Phyrxus”? where is “Kabreez”?  Certainly you all can beat a boat towing a dinghy!  You can all beat a boat sailed by a bunch of Sea Scouts.  Can you?  HA! HA! HA!  Come out and see next month. 

South Bay Family Sailing Series (SBFSS)-September 17, 2016 Results (5.75 nm)

Saturday, September 17, 2016 was a wonderful day to be on the water.  The skies were azure blue and the winds were light to moderate out of the NW at 12-13 knots with occasional gusts to 15 knots.  None of the boats decided to put reefs in their sails.  The winds when they gusted favored the larger boats, when they calmed they favored the smaller boats.  There were eight boats at the starting line.  Two new boats were. “ Pie In The Sky” a Krogen 38 cutter sailed by David and Mary Rey.   and “Astra” a custom designed Italian built 38’ racing sloop sailed by Mike Philbrook and the San Diego Sea Scouts.  If you have any children, or grandchildren who might be interested in the Sea Scouts please let us know and we will hook you up with Mike Philbrook.  The Sea Scouts is a fine organization. 

WELCOME  “Pie In The Sky” and “Astra”

The noon horn saw everyone cross the line at approximately the same time.  Astra and Bon Temps might take honors for first across the line.  They were followed by Sea Story, Bibbity Bobbity Boat, Atsa II, Pie In The Sky and Ciao Bella.  The final boat to cross the starting line was Merilee.  It seemed they planned to give everyone else a six minute head start.  It was going to be a Pursuit Race for them.

At the first mark Bon Temps was in the lead followed closely by Astra and Sea Story.  By the third mark Sea Story and Atsa II were gaining on the leaders followed by Ciao Bella, BBBoat, and Pie In The Sky.  Merilee was passing everyone one by one and in the final down wind stretch was gaining on the leaders.

It was a photo finish across the finish line, with a tie going to Merilee and Astra. Their times were 13:06:58 and 13:06:5?  Bon Temps crossed at 13:07:00.  They were followed by Atsa II 13:14:20, Sea Story 13:14:35, BBBoat 13:17:53, Ciao Bella 13:18:12 and Pie In The Sky 13:18:55.  Congratulations All Sailors.

Pie In The Sky was still towing their dinghy during the whole race just to give everyone a chance.  Where would they finish if they did not tow their dinghy??????  Maybe FIRST????  Maybe we will see next month.

Putting all the finish times into the “Mike Collins Family Handicap System”  the final results are:  Astra:  First, Pie In The Sky:  Second, Bon Temps:  Third,  BBBoat:  Fourth, Ciao Bella: Fifth, Merilee:  Sixth,  Sea Story:  Seventh, Atsa II:  Eighth.

Sorry that is the way it goes.  Sea Story’s Tanya maybe now will decide she cannot race without Jay.  I hope everyone is humbled by being beaten by a boat pulling a dinghy.  Thanks Captain Mike on Marilee for the six minute head start.

Chic of BBBoat will be sending out the results according to PHRF shortly.

To check out the results yourself go to:

We hope to see you all out again:  NEXT RACE

Saturday October 15, 2016

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