Astra Race Results (June)

Astra was sailed by Troop 260 for this race.  If we race next month the crew will be from the Maritime Explorer Club 0001.

There is one race course but there are three different races taking part. Astra is eligible for two of these races. Here are the official race results for these two races:

South Bay Family Sailing Series (SBFSS) San Diego Sail and Power Squadron
We had an excellent race this past Saturday.  Here are the results.  CONGRATULATIONS to all racers:

South Bay Family Sailing Series (SBFSS) June 17, 2017 Results  (9.4 NM)

Saturday, June 17, 2017 was a fine day for sailing.  Clear azure blue skies greeted everyone as they arrived at the dock.  There was not a cloud in the sky.  Humidity was in the air so the horizons were a little hazy.  Everyone was worried, as the weather forecasters said the wind was predicted to be 7-8 the San Diego South Bay.  All the boats were contemplating hoisting their spinnakers for the long 2.63 nautical down wind leg.  Low tide was at 1000 so the tide would be coming in during the whole race.  This race was scheduled to be a pursuit race with one group starting at 12:00, the second group 12:07 and the third group 12:12.

At the start the winds were 8-10 knots and Bibitty Bobitty Boat started with the first group, however did not cross the starting line until 12:03.  Everyone speculated that BBBoat did not think it was fair they had such a huge head start so they postponed their start for three minutes.  The next group crossed the starting line at their assigned time and the third group crossed at 12:12.  The race consisted of six legs and by the third mark, buoy 26, all the four boats were pulling even.  BBBoat was sailing a spectacular race and everyone was having trouble catching up with them.  Astra was doing fine even changing people at the helm regularly.  After the third mark the wind had increased to 15-16 knots and all the boats were healing well over.  The captains were all considering putting reefs in their sails.  Around the final mark and heading for the finish line was a direct downwind leg and the jibs were poled out.  Marilee was first to cross the finish line at 13:32:21, followed by Bon Temps 13:36:40, BBBoat 13:39:18 and Astra 13:41:20.

Putting all this information into the Mike Collins Family Handicap System First Place was BBBoat, Second Marilee, Third: Bon Temps and Fourth: Astra.  

Standings for race on 6/17/2017

Boat Finish Secs/NM Prior Benchmark Corrected Points Cumulative
13:39:18 634 771 629 492 0.75 18.75
13:20:31 514 629 629 514 2.0 12.5
13:29:40 572 665 629 537 3.0 14.75
13:29:20 570 650 629 550 4.0 17.75

EVERYONE HAD A GREAT TIME even if we all were over powered toward the end of the race.

I remain mystified they can “accurately predict” the weather years into the future, however they cannot predict the wind conditions for the next day.  Everyone worried about the light winds and we all experienced some of the fastest boat speeds recorded on our boats.

Next race is Saturday July 15, 2017.
Hope you can all come.  Bring another boat with you.
We have a GREAT TIME!

Ted and Claudia Bowler
S/V “Bon Temps” (French: “Good Times”)

The San Diego Sail and Power Squadron’s sixth race of the year, in conjunction with the South Bay Family Sailing Series was held on June 17th, 2017.

This race was a pursuit race with different starting times and so I adjusted the results with actual times on the course for each boat. 3 boats that belong to members of the Power Squadron competed.

The results are as follows:

First across the line was Marilee, a Beneteau 473, with an adjusted time of 1 hr. 20 min. 21 sec. out on the course. 10 points to the winner!

Second across the line was Astra, an Italian custom boat with an adjusted time of 1 hr. 29 min. 20 sec. out on the course. 8 points to them.

Third across the line was Bon Temps, a Beneteau 361, with an adjusted time of 1hr. 29 min. 40 sec. out on the course. 6 points to Bon Temps.

Next race will be held on Saturday, July 15th, 2017

Point Standings for the San Diego Sail and Power Squadron Sail Fleet are as follows:

Marilee   – 44 Points

Bon Temps  – 40 Points

Astra  –  38 Points

Ciao Bella  – 14 Points

Sea Story  – 8 Points

Thank you for participating and hope more boats will come out for the next race.


Race Points are awarded:

10 Points – 1st overall
8 Points – 2nd overall
6 Points – 3rd overall
4 Points – 4th overall
2 Points – 5th overall
1 Point – 6th overall and below
0 Points – non participant

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