Astra Race – November – 5th Place

It looks like there was a GREAT race last Saturday.  Here are the results.

South Bay Family Sailing Series (SBFSS) November 18, 2017 (7.45 nm)

November 18, 2017, Saturday.  What a great day for a sail.  A number of racers remarked: “Nice windy day” and “hard to point as high as Marilee and Astra, but we did our best.”

Also, “it was an interesting race the big boats were gone on the first leg. Marilee and atsa were on time for the start. Atsa cut in behind Marilee stealing a little wind from her huge sails on the starting line however Marilee slowly pulled away  with atsa in per suit.  Consigliere  and astra tacked and headed for the bridge, picking the other line to the A mark. It looked like the big boats hit the a mark tougher. From our far away view it appeared Marilee may have missed and had to do an extra tack?. Consigliere appeared to have the lead at this point however I was too busy trying to point to high to notice. Makai and fast Sunday were in our rear view mirror. Leg two proved to be very frustrating as the wind dropped to around three knots. Atsa who chose to start

The race with one reef in shook it out on the down wind leg two. The big boats were all a head so I cannot comment on the front of the race.  Now both B and C markers were not there so GPS coordinates were required to make the second and forth marks.  That being said Atsa’s are wrong or different from the race sheet. Reviewing RaceQ makai cut the b marker twice or I went way too far, it would be very nice if everybody was using this amazing free app. Did mention the wind died for a while during the race well it came back for the last few legs the we had a very hard time controlling Atsa with full sails and 22 knots . All in all great race

Everybody  can’t wait till next month

Captain Mikey  sv ATSA II”

Six boats were at the noon starting line and everyone started about the same time.  Marilee, Astra, ATSA II, Consigliere, Makai, and Fast Sunday.  We had a new boat, “Fast Sunday” with Newell Wilson in his McGregor 26.  WELCOME “FAST SUNDAY” we look forward to sailing with you in the months to come.

Across the finish line was Marilee 13:36:05, Astra 13:39:36, Consigliere 13:40:04, ATSA II 12:56:08, Makai 14:00:35 and Fast Sunday 14:19:00.  Some of these finish times were emailed to me and others were taken off raceQs.  PLEASE EVERYONE RUN raceQs during the race.

Putting all this information into the “Mike Collins Family Handicap System” the final results are as follows: 

First; Consigliere, Second: Fast Sunday, Third: Makai, Fourth: ATSA II, Fifth: Astra, Sixth: Marilee.

Congratulations all racers!

Congratulations especially to our new boat, FAST SUNDAY!  NOT BAD FOR YOUR FIRST RACE.

We hope to see you all next month Saturday, December 16, 2017. 


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