Astra Race – NOV 2020 – 1st Place

What a fine day for sailing this past Saturday. All that were out on the water had a fine time.  Here are the results of the race.  We hope to see you all next month for the final race for the “strange” year, 2020.

South Bay Family Sailing Series/America’s Boating Club San Diego-sail fleet/Ventura Sailing Club/El Cajon Yacht Club-November 20, 2020 Saturday, (8.1nm.)

Saturday, November 20, 2020 was a fine day for sailing.  The winds were light, but not as calm as in October.  The breeze was out of the north (360 degrees) and ranged from 8-10 knots.  The wind was very shifty especially in the north part of the bay around buoy A. The tide was ebbing during the first part of the race with low tide being at 13:58.  Skies were blue with scattered cirrus clouds.

11 boats were circling the starting line for the noon pursuit race. The race course was the same as the October course and everyone was excited to what this course offered.  Present were Quack Attack, Mike, KISS, Fast Sunday, and The Bass Boat. The first group 5 boats took off at 1200.  The second group included Atsa II which left four minutes after the first group.  The third group included Estate Sail, and Bon Temps which left 8 minutes after the first group.  The fourth and final group of Astra, Ran, and Sanctuary crossed the line 12 minutes after the first group.  We are having a pursuit races to insure the starting line is not so crowded for us beginning racers.

Around the first mark was fairly crowded with boats of the early starters.  As the boats reached the second and third mark the group was starting to thin out.  Astra who had not raced for several months since the start of covid-19 was passing boats throughout the race. Ran as usual used their spinnaker on many legs and made up for lost time.  Mike, KISS and Quack Attack demonstrated their usual good sailing skills.

Across the finish line times are as follows:  Astra, 14:05:47, Mike, 14:10:00, Quack Attack, 14:13:45, KISS, 14:16:25, Atsa II 14:12:30, Estate Sail 14:15:53, Ran 14:20:05, Bon Temps 14:35:07, Bass Boat 14:41:30,  Sanctuary 14:43:20 and Fast Sunday 14:57:33.

Putting all these numbers into the Mike Collins Handicap System:

Using the PHRF rating system we have the following: 1 Mike 2 Quack Attack 3 Astra 4 KISS 5 Estate Sail 6 Atsa II 7 Ran 8 Bass Boat 9 Bon Temps 10 Sanctuary 11 Fast Sunday

Congratulations to all racers.

A GREAT DAY out on the water.

Only 7 of 11 boats used raceQs.  Wouldn’t it be fine if all racers turned on their phone app raceQs?

Next month is the final race of the year.  Many boats are in the running for the trophies and prizes at our awards ceremony in January 2021 including: Quack Attack, Mike, KISS, Bass Boat, Ran, Elusive, Estate Sail, Atsa II, Miller Time among many others.

Saturday December 19, 2020


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