Astra Race – JAN 2020 – 6th Place

Great race on Saturday.  Awards ceremony at Pier 32 Marina was fine.  THANK YOU PIER 32 FOR SPONSORING OUR SAILING SERIES AND THANK YOU FOR ALL THE EXCELLENT PRIZES.

Here are the results of Saturday’s race:

South Bay Family Sailing Series/America’s Boating Club-Sail Fleet/Ventura Sailing Club-January 18, 2020 Saturday, (6.3 nm.)

January 18, 2020, Saturday was a wonderful day for sailing.  Everyone worried whether there would be enough wind.  Last month there was little to NO wind and the race course had to be shortened.  The meteorologists’ were predicting the same amount wind for the Saturday race; 0-6 knots.  There was a record of 12 boats circling the starting line for the noon start.  Included in the pursuit race were:  KISS, Pie In The Sky, Miller Time III, Makai, Fast Sunday, The Bass Boat, ATSA II, Phryxus, Imagine, Astra, Bon Temps, and Marilee.

As it turns out January’s race was different from December’s.  At the start the wind was 6 knots and stayed fairly constant throughout the race at 6 – 10 knots from the northwest.  The tide was coming in during the whole race.

 Everyone had a great time.  Across the finish line were:  Astra 13:20:46, Phryxus 13:23:21, Atsa II, 13:28:29, Marilee 13:30:30, Bon Temps 13:31:15, KISS 13:34:52, The Bass Boat 13:35:55, Makai 13:36:10, Imagine 13:53:09, Miller Time III 14:02:15, Fast Sunday 14:03:33.

All the boats saw a spinnaker on the deck of KISS.  We were scared because the winds were light and if KISS started to fly their spinnaker we did not have a chance.  For some reason they did not fly it.

Putting all this into the Mike Collins Handicap System we get the following:

Congratulations to:                                                         First Place: The Bass Boat,

                                                                      Second Place: Makai,

                                                                      Third Place: KISS.

Next race is Saturday February 15, 2020

We hope to see you all out there on the water

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