Astra Race – FEB 2020 – 7th Place

There was a great time to be had  last Saturday in the South Bay Family Sailing Series, with nine boat participating.  We enjoyed warm weather, welcome sunshine and fairly consistent winds in the 8 to 12 knot range.  Sharing the fun in the sun pursuit race were: Miller Time III, Fast Sunday, Madam Wu, Bass Boat, Atsa II, Phryxus, Astra (BSA), Ran and Marilee…

Tide was coming in at the start of the race, and yet most competitors chose to head into it towards the  San Diego Bay Bridge before tacking to a port rounding of the first mark — Alpha.  Three captains chose to head west toward Bravo before tacking and as luck would have it,  we enjoyed a building wind to carry them to the first mark. ( A pursuit race is always fun for the crew of the Marilee as we can see and photograph many of the competitors.) 

After applying the handicap:  FIRST  was Miller Time III(Greg Miller), Bass Boat  (DougBass) SECOND, and RAN finished THIRD (Bram Arnold), Be sure to check the full details race results at this spot, .  To select this race  scroll down to find last date Feb 16 2020.

Who was the fast boat in the race before applying our handicap?? Well, congratulations to Doug Bryant sailing solo in Phryxus at 693 sec/nm. We could all learn by watching Doug’s set on his sails . 

Astra (BSA) has the lowest prior handicap of 609 sec/nm and therefore set the bench mark. 

KEY: Corrected time (in Seconds per NM) is calculated =
 Elapsed Seconds per Mile - Prior Handicap + bench mark Benchmark. 
Next race handicap is calculated as the your average of best three races, 
most recent 12 months.  
The handicap system reward those who sail each month
WE hope to see you-all  next month.  Please call me if you see a mistake or would like to discuss the race. 

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