After Ripped Jib Astra Does Not Give Up and Finishes Third

South Bay Family Sailing Series (SBFSS)-February 18, 2017 Results (5.75 nm)

Saturday, February 18, 2017 race was a problematic day for a sail.  The Thursday weather forecasts predicted 100% rain on Friday, 90% rain on Saturday.  Not a good day for a sail. WHAT TO DO?  Isn’t there a song that says “It Never Rains In Southern California”?  Isn’t there a slogan that San Diego is “America’s Finest City”?  Weather certainly wouldn’t spoil our monthly Saturday race?  Who do you believe professional, scientific weather forecasters, or a song and a slogan?

Four boats were circling the starting line at the noon horn, Marilee, Sarayu, Astra and Bon Temps.  I guess these believed the song and the slogan.  Low tide was scheduled for 10 AM, so the current would be flowing into the bay the whole race.  Wind was from the SW and speeds were variable throughout the whole race with an average velocity of 15 knots with gusts up to 18.  Blue skies and white puffy clouds were overhead with dark clouds on the horizon.

Sarayu was first across the starting line followed by Bon Temps, Marilee and Astra.  It was a tight race to the first mark.  Marilee rounded it first with the rest of the fleet close behind.  After rounding the first mark Astra’s jib began to rip so they took the racing jib down and put up a storm sail.

Across the finish line first was Marilee 12:55:00, Sarayu 12:58:13, Bon Temps 12:59:30 and Astra 13:04:58.

Putting those results into the Mike Collins Family Handicap System the final results are:

First: Marilee, Second: Bon Temps, Third: Astra, Fourth: Sarayu.

It was really a GREAT DAY for sailing.  Congratulations to all!

From 2017-02-18 (Astra) – Ship 1001. Posted by SDIC Sail Fleet on 2/12/2017 (7 items)

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(2017-02-18 (Astra) – Ship 1001; 7 photos)

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